EXTRA + is the brand created in 2008 by Alessandro Raggi entrepreneur passionate about bikes and special accessories .


The company was founded in Pescara in Italy , a seaside town has always been attentive to new trends and where attention to the world of bicycles is high.


A special design, the attention to the quality of products and a continuous search for new materials and designs for products EXTRA + years led to a spread of the brand in Italy and abroad, particularly in Europe where we work with a network of 300 points sale and other distributors.

Since 2011 EXTRA + has opened a branch in Taichung in Taiwan to develop the Asian market . Our branch Taiwanese following the Asian markets , in particular, Taiwan , China, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia.

Our local branch as well as managing a showroom EXTRA + in Taichung , the capital of Taiwanese production chassis , coordinates the production of our products with quality control directly at the facilities of our suppliers .

The products + EXTRA designed and engineered in Italy and are manufactured according to ISO 9001 and 14001 as well as tested and certified by independent laboratories specialized in accordance with the requirements of European Standard EN14764 for the certification of quality bicycles.

Over the years, several companies have decided to rely on EXTRA + for the creation of limited series co -branding including well-known brands such as the famous clothing brand MERRELL 

There are now many of our customers who are riding EXTRA + in the world and the number is constantly growing, one more reason to choose one of our products !